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Bruker Dimension Icon, MultiMode 8 AFM, and EC-STM

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The MMRC thanks Prof. Nate Lewis and the Beckman Institute for making possible the purchase of the New Diminsion Icon and the upgrades of our MultiMode AFM and EC-STM instruments.

Dimension Icon MultiMode update Bryce1

We have a new Bruker Diminsion Icon AFM with by a Nanoscope V controller. The Icon tip-scanning AFM incorporates temperature-compensating position sensors to render noise levels in the sub-angstrom range for the Z-axis, and angstroms in X-Y. The old Digital Instruments Multi-Mode AFM-2 with a Nanoscope IIIa controller have been upgraded to a MultiMode-8 with a Nanoscope V controller. This controller is shared with the EC-STM instrument. The AFM instruments are capable of both contact and tapping mode scanning as well as a new mode of peak-force taping mode that when used with ScanAssist makes topological scanning much easier and quicker. We have A, E and J scanners The AFM instrunsments are cappable of many new and interesting scanning modes described on the Bruker website for both the Icon and the MultiMode. Users need to provide the tips that are appropriate for their application.

The Digital Instruments model EC-STM is used with the new Nanoscope-V controller. This instrument can be used for STM and electrochemical STM applications.

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