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Reflection IR Spectorsopy Technical Information

ATR/ Internal Refectance Diffuse Refectance External Refectance
  • ATR Theory and Applications
  • Kubelka-Munk Transformation
  • External Refection
  • GATR Analysis of Monolayers on Si
  • Review of Diff Reflection
  • GATR Spectroscopy of Thin Films on Si
  • Diffuse Ref absorption coef
  • Enhanced Sensitivity with GATR
  • ATR of Monolayers on Si
  • Polarization and Sensitivity in ATR
  • Simulations of ATR spectra
  • Polarizers
  • Intro to ATR
  • Differences between ATR and Transmission
  • The Evanescent Wave
  • ATR of Si Surface
  • Single Reflection ATM