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Reflection IR Spectorsopy Technical Information


ATR/ Internal Refectance
Reflection Measurements, Perkin Elmer
Pike Intro to ATR
The Difference between ATR and Transminsson
How to Clear ATR crystal
Analysis of monolayers on by single reflection ATR; Milosevic, Berets
Single-Refection Attenuated Total Re ection of Organic Monolayers on Silicon; MIlosevic, Berets, Fadeev
Optimization of Grazing Angle ATR of Si
Polarization and Sensitivity in ATR
Internal and ATR Spectrospcopy, Milosevic
The Evanescent Wave, Milosevic
Enhanced Sensitivity with GATR

Diffuse Refectance
Reflectance IR Spectroscopy, Khoshhesab
Diffuse Reflectants Spectorscopy; Blitz
Review of Diffuse Reflection; Milosevic, Berets
The Kublka-Munk Transfrom
The Seagull
Diffuse Refectance Spectroscopy; Milosevoc
External Refection FTIR, Handke

General Information on IR Spectroscopy
Spectrum Artifacts
Numeric Simlulations; Milosevic, Berets
Pike Polarizers
The FFT of the Interferogram
IR Dectors Hamamatsu
Properties of Optica Materials
The Difference between ATR and Transminsson
How to Clear ATR crystal
Purge Gas Generator

Nicolet 6700 Bench
Optimizing for the NIR and Vis
Detecgors for IR
IR Source
Use of MCT detector
How to change Beam Spliter
Installation of Polarizer
Omic Training Videos