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Nicolet 6700 with mid IR (12,000 - 300 cm-1 and vis-NIR (400 - 1,100 nm) Detectors and Beamsplitters
Mattson Polaris with HgCdTe/InSb LN2 Detectors Harrick-GATR
Technical Info
Grazing angle ATR
Harrick Seagull
Multi Angle Reflectance Accessory

Introduction to FTIR (Nicolet) FTIR Guide (Bruker)
How does an FTIR work (IJVS)? FTIR Data Processing
Changing the Beamsplitter or Detectors Using the NIR or visible regions
NIST WebBook Spectra Harrick Applications Page
Reflection Spectra (IJVS) Properties of Optical Materials
Pike Application Notes
Spectra of Organic Compounds International Crystal Labs Application Notes