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Kratos Axis Ultra Experimental writeup

A sample experimental description for the MMRC Kratos Axis Ultra is below. You need to modify it to fit you exact experimental conditions.

X-ray photo-electron spectroscopy (XPS) data were collected using a Kratos AXIS Ultra spectrometer (Kratos Analytical, Manchester, UK). The instrument was equipped with a hybrid magnetic and electrostatic electron lens system, a delay-line detector (DLD), and a monochromatic Al Kα X-ray source (1486.7 eV). Data were collected at pressures of ~5 x 10-9 (?) Torr with photoelectrons collected at 0° with respect to the sample surface normal unless otherwise specified. The electron-collection lens aperture was set to sample a 700 × 300 (?) μm spot, and the analyzer pass energy was 80 (?) eV for survey spectra and 10 (?) eV for high-resolution spectra. The instrument energy scale and work function were calibrated using clean Au, Ag, and Cu standards. The instrument was operated by Vision Manager software v. 2.2.10 revision 5. The XPS data were analyzed using CasaXPS software (CASA Software Ltd).