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Initially only the XPS spectrometer will be available for testing.

In order to use the new XPS you will need to write to Dr. Bruce Brunschwig, MMRC Director, a short note saying why you need the new system and what kind of samples you want to analyze. After this is approved you will need to have two or more sessions with a current user watching how they use the instrument and becoming familiar with the software and hardware.

You should also download and read the manual. Please study the following chapters of the manual

After you have complete this "hands off" orientation to the instrument you can be trained by Judy Lattimer, David Gleason-Rohrer, or Joseph Beardslee After training you will be allowed to use the instrument initially during the day until you become experienced. .

The new Kratos Axis Ultra XPS is more complicated then the old Surface Science M-probe. If you prefer to avoid all the reading, and training you can choose to use the M-probe. The M-probe is easier to use since we have removed all the extra chambers.