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M-Probe ESCA

  1. Procedures for MProbe XPS
  2. Loading/Unloading Samples Quick Notes
  3. Autosample ProceduresS
  4. Details for Autosample positions XPS
  5. Nonsequiter Sputter Gun Instructions
  6. Sputter Gun Manual
  7. Service Physics Website
  8. CasaXPS

For Experts
Technical Info for Surface Science M-Probe XPS
  1. Restart and Trouble shooting
  2. Maintenance Schedule for XPS
  3. Electron Gun Alignment with 9600
  4. E-gun connector
  5. E-gun Anode replacement
  6. Ionization Gage Wiring
  7. Stubs
  8. MProbe Equipment Manuals
  9. Vacuum Equipment Manuals
Contacts for Help Service Physics (Bend, Or) (541) 318-8688
  1. Zack Mehl; Zach@sphysics.com main contact, does site visits, very helpful by email or phone 3
  2. Bob Chaney: bob@sphysics.com - the boss, good contact email or phone for software or in general x1
  3. Barbara Siordia: barb@sphysics.com - sends packages x2
  4. Ruth Chaney: ruth@sphysics.com - Bob's wife, does POs 541 322 9405

Pictures SS M-Probe ESCA