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Surface Science M-Probe ESCA Experimental

A sample experimental description for the MMRC M-Probe is below. You will need to update it for your conditions since some of the parameters may be different for your samples.

XPS data were collected using a Surface Science Instruments M-Probe ESCA controlled by Hawk Data Collection software (Service Physics, Bend OR; V7.04.04). The monochromatic x-ray source was the Al K α line at 1486.7 eV, directed at 35o to the sample surface (55o off normal). Emitted photoelectrons were collected at an angle of 90o with respect to the sample surface (0o off normal) by a hemispherical analyzer. The angle between the electron collection lense and X-ray source is 35o. Low-resolution survey spectra were acquired between binding energies of 1-1100 eV. Higher-resolution detailed scans, with a resolution of ~0.8 eV, were collected on individual XPS lines of interest. The sample chamber was maintained at < 2 x 10-9 Torr. The XPS data were analyzed using the Hawk Data Analysis software (V7.04.04).