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MultiVu 1.56 zip file
download to disk to install MPMS MultiVu 1.56 zip file

Magnetic Field vs Current
The current to field conversion is
#amps = field in Oe/1532.6 (e.g. 50,000 Oe => 32.62amps).

Information on the Quantum Designs Web site
Sample Mounting Consideration
Connection a Straw Adaptor to Transport Rod
Subtracting the Sample Holder Background from Dilute Samples
Outline of Data Regression Routines
Using MPMS MultiVu Multiple Measure Sequence Command
Measuring Large Moment Samples
Variation of Magnetic Field Over the Scan Length
Avoiding Blocked He Impedances
Impedance Tube Blockage
All MPMS Application and Service Notes

Information on Sample tube
Removing and Installing the Sample Tube
Sample Tube Resistance Values

Information on Sample Chamber
Squid Probe Assembly
Sample Chamber Removal
Packing the Probe to ship