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Surface Science Tutorials

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)

CasaXPS Tutorials XPS F. Seitz, U Illinois U-C
CasaXPS Software Lecture notes on Surfaces and Thin Films
JA Venables Arizona State
How to fit MOx XP Spectra in CASA Other Online Lecture Courses
XPS Tutorial
R. Smart, et al City U. Hong Kong
Intro to XPS and UPS Helmholtz
XPS Theory R. Paynter INRS-EMT Fundamentals of XPS, H. Jain Lehigh U Lecture 7 ,
Lecture 8
XPS Tutorial Tinghe Zhao, U. Guelph Electron Spectroscopy Lectures
Angle Resolved XPS LaSurface Tutorials XPS, Auger UPS
U. of Western Ontario XPS Ref Pages Software for Surface Science
Surface Science at SLAC An Introduction to Surface Science
Work Functions X-Ray Interaction with Matter
E. Gullikson
Calibration of XPS Kelvin Probe of Work Function
Inverse PhotoElectron Spectroscopy

Ultra-violet Photoelectron Spectroscopy (UPS)/H3>

UPS Tutorial by Louis Scudiero WashStateU Intro to XPS and UPS Helmholtz


LEED by RM Nix U London EELS


Auger Spectroscopy
Phi Handbook Auger

Data Bases and other Surface Science Resources