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Bruce S. Brunschwig

Beckman Institute, MC 139-74 phone:626-395-2420
California Institute of Technology Cell:626 200-7013
1200 E California Blvd. e-mail:bsb@caltech.edu
Pasadena, CA 91125

Bruce S. Brunschwig has been studying change transfer, inorganic photochemistry and solar fuels solar chemistry for 40 years, and has published over 200 papers.

Dr. Brunschwig graduated from the University of Rochester with a B.A. in Chemistry in 1966 working with Prof. Robert W. Kreilick. He received a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (NYU School of Engineering) under the supervision of Prof. Norman Peterson in 1972. He then taught for five years at Hofstra University where he served as department Chair for his last two years. He moved to the Chemistry Department at Brookhaven National Laboratory in 1977 where he worked with Dr. Norman Sutin. He rose to the rank of Senior Chemist. He moved to the Beckman Institute of the California Institute of Technology in 2003 where he is a Member of the Beckman Institute and director the Molecular Materials Resource Center and is active in Solar Conversion Research.

Solar Photoconversion Research
Interfacial Charge Transfer Spectroscopy
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