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Gamry Reference 600 Potentiostat with EC-Quartz Crystal Microbalance Accessory

Ref 600 DSC0147-w eQCM-side
Gamry Ref. 600 eQCM Flow Cell Quartz Crystal Microbalance eQCM 10M

The Reference 600 has 11 current ranges from 600 mA to 60 pA and a compliance voltage of +/- 22 volts, rise time <250 ns. The eQCM 10M is a quartz crystal microbalance that accommodates crystals from 5-15 MHz in any cell or holder. with a change of mass resolution of ng cm-2 scale. In many cases less than a monolayer! We have a static cell and a flow cell (shown above). The user needs to supply the QCM crystal, and reference and auxiliary electrodes for the eQCM cell. See how to become a user.

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