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Bruker MultiMode 8 AFM, and Digital Instruments EC-STM

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A MultiMode-8 AFM with Nanoscope V controller and A, E and J scanners: The MultiMode-8 is an upgrade of our Multimode-3 instrument. The MultiMode-8 is equipped with ScanAsyst® automatic image optimization. It is designed for atomic-scale resolution imaging of surfaces. The newly-upgraded camera system allows easier operation. Scanning modes are described here.

A Digital Instruments STM with Nanoscope V controller: The STM is designed for atomic-scale resolution imaging of surfaces. It can be used in constant current or height mode and as an Electrochemical STM.

Users need to provide their own tips that are appropriate for their application.

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  • Bruker Multimodes and Dimension IconWeilai Yu CCE (Lewis Group)
  • Bruker Multimodes and Dimension IconHarold Fu CCE (Lewis Group)

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