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Kratos Ultra XPS


The AXIS Ultra uses a magnetic immersion lens with a spherical mirror and concentric hemispherical analyzers with a delay-line detector (DLD) for both imaging and spectroscopy. It is equipped with both Al Kα (1.486 KeV) and Ag Kα (2.984 Kev) monochromatic X-ray sources as well as a dual anode Al Kα and Mg Kα (1.253 Kev) non-monochromatic sources. The instrument can be used for both spectroscopic and surface imaging by XPS, UPS, or Ion Scattering Spectroscopy. Spectroscopic small spot and imaging capabilities of < 3 µm of spatial resolution is possible. A temperature programed desorption (TPD) stage is available. It has a floating ion gun, a TPD stub with mass spectrometer detection, and the ability to heat and/or cool a sample in the sample treatment chamber (STC). A transfer vessel that allows one to load samples in an inert atmosphere box and then transfer then into the UHV system without exposing them to atmosphere is available.


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