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Vacuum Gages and Pumps

Vacuum Pump log Kratos Pumps & Gages Fundamentals of Vacuum Technology (Leybold)


SD 300 Rotary Vane pump V80 Turbo V80 Controller V200 Turbo V200 Controller Vent Valve Vent Valve

Edwards Rotary Vane pump

RV12 Rotary Vane User Manual Parts and Maintenance kits Vacuum Pump Safety Manual EMF-20 Oil Mist Filter Outer Shaft Seal Kit Pump Cartridge kit Pump motor kit
Pump Motor Conversion kit Pump Motor Starter Relay and Cap

Edwards Pump Station

TIC controller TIC Quick Start TIC Pump Station Quick Start Pump Station Pump Station Instructions PVEK Vacuum Release Valve Accessories Wide range Gage XDD1 Diaphragm pump

Edwards Scroll Pumps-nXDS(6-15)i

nXDS-i Manual a) Tip Seals Manual
b) Local Instructions
Serial Communications Pump Safety

Edwards Turbo Pumps-nXDS(6-15)i

EXT255H Turbo Pump EXT75DX Turbomolecular Pump

Leybold and Anest Iwata

Scroll pump SC5D SC15D
Anest Iwata
Scroll Meister ISP-250C_

Pfeiffer TCU017 Pump Station

DCU Operations DCU Controller Pfeiffer DCU controller Pfeiffer 017 Turbo Cooling Fan Relay Box Pfeiffer Information on Turbos Diaphragm Pump MVP 2015

Pfeiffer HiCube Pump Station

DCU Operations DCU Controller HiCube Classic ManualHiPace 80 Turbo Oil Mist Filter TC 110 Electronic Drive Unit TPS 110 Mains Pack UNO/DUO Rotary Vane pump

Pfeiffer SS-XPS

Display DCU100 Pfeiffer RS232 Interface Turbo TMU071 Pfeiffer PS


Pfeiffer 261 Turbo (HREELS) Pfeiffer CCG IKR270 Manual CCG IKR270 Instruction Sheet Pfeiffer gauge controller

ULVac Rotary Vane

ULVAC Rotary Vane GLD 051

TC Vacuum Gage

Teledyne Hastings Digital TC gage Love Thermocouple Controller DigiVac 200 TC gage Lesker 615 gage

UHV Vacuum Gage

Nude Ionization Gage wiring Hornet IGM 401 Ion Gage Hornet IGM 402 Ion + Convectron Gage SRS IGC100 Chap 1 SRS IGC100 Chap 2-10 SRS IGC100 Appendices Pfeiffer Cold Cathode Gage

Granville-Phillips Vac gage Controller

G-P 303 Vac Process Controller G-P Micro Multi range Ion gage

CTI Cryo Pumps

CTI 8500 Compressor Replacement of Absorber Temperature Indicator Cryo Pumps 100,8, 8F Decontamination Procedures CTI 8200 compressor IS pump insulation
Cryo Pump operations Onboard Controller 8 Onboard Controller 8f

Gate Valves

HVA Gate Valve Maintenance Installation
Parts List
Repair Kit
Old HVA Gate Valve VAT series 1 Gate Valves VAT Large Gate HREELS VAT Large Gate Drawing Gate on Transfer arm

Sample Transfer Suitcases

Kratos Pumps & Gages

Kratos Pumps & Gages



Xei Plasma Cleaner

Xei Plasma Cleaner